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Sunday Mornings

I miss Sunday mornings. I miss waking up to the smell of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, mom chatting away loudly and laughing on the phone, and banging pots and pans almost in a way to push us out of bed. I miss brushing my teeth and running down the stairs, only to see the … Continue reading

At A Certain Age

I have always been a homebody. This has changed as I left home to go to college, and then moved across the country to attend grad school. But for the most part, I enjoyed staying home and being with family before I was 18.  May be it was due to lack of a huge social … Continue reading

Bonnie to Clyde

I want the Bonnie to complete me as Clyde. The girl who makes sense out of nonsense, the person who laughs at your quirks, smiles at your idiosyncrasies, and joins you in your outlandishness. I want her to cancel all our weekend plans and jump in the car and begin an impromptu road trip that … Continue reading


Broken Down to Be Built Back Up

You have to be broken down, beaten to a pulp, have your values and motivations questioned, and be completely torn apart, only to build yourself back up again to find out who you really are.


Dear God, I’m taking this time to just say thank you for this moment. Not ask anything or pray for some future time. But just for this. For here. For now. Thank you for this breeze. Thank you for this sunshine. Thank you for this break during my day. Thank you for bringing me to … Continue reading

Cultivating Stability

For a long time, and most certainly most of what I like to call my “adult life,” I have had a path that I have been following to help achieve personal and professional success.  When I was a young teenager, I had hopes, dreams and aspirations that exceeded the usual “sky’s the limit” adage.  I … Continue reading

Continual Learning

Just like the premise for this blog, self-discovery, I pride myself on always being in continuous search of life knowledge. I’m not talking about memorizing encyclopedias and obsessing over Wikipedia; I’m talking about the kind of learning that I can absorb and incorporate into my daily living to make me a better human being. As … Continue reading

For One

I live a very blessed life and try not to complain. Life has given me most everything I could have asked for, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I woke up this morning and made my way to my balcony, enjoying the breeze and warm sunshine, sipping on my coffee and letting my worries fall … Continue reading

Simple Fascinations

I find myself continually fascinated with even the smallest of life’s details. Take for example my journey today. I’m returning to Miami after a short trip to Mexico and a quick jaunt home. As the plane lifts off and we rise above the clouds, I can’t help but keep a bright smile from ear to … Continue reading

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